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Letters extracts

Letter extracts

Some extracts from students’ unsolicited letters   ( regularly updated )  

“… You have, in my opinion,one of the GREAT French language schools in the entire world ! Not only are you and your colleagues doing outstanding work, professionally, but also, through your warm personalities you are contributing immensely to better human relations between people from all around the world… “

William B. PAUL, Lawyer, Atlanta, USA

“…You should be congratulated on the high standard of your professors. I also enjoyed the very efficient way your French language school is operated. There was not a minute wasted, although there was no feeling of undue haste…”

Parnell THOMAS, American Express, New York City, USA

“…During a period of four weeks you helped me to improve my oral expression from “débutant 1 to intermediate/advanced level”.This fully satisfied my expectations… As a former Associate Professor at the University of Oslo, I want to point out the extraordinary performance of my teacher using your comprehensive method…”

Dr Martin TROLLDALEN, Norwegian Church Aid, Oslo, NORWAY

“… I would like to say again how much we have appreciated the perfect quality of the Institut’s teaching. The teachers’ devotion created a relaxed atmosphere which largely contributed to our progress and success.

I have become an unquestioning enthusiast of the Institut and will recommend it wholeheartedly…” (translated from the French)

Harry KNEY-TAL, Israeli Ambassador to E.U., Brussels, BELGIUM

“… I would like to point out that the work and the atmosphere at the Institut de Français are exemplary and should be recommended. As a pedagogue myself , I am in a position to judge the methods and ways of teaching. I feel that the activities of the Institut should serve as a model for an institution in adult training.”

Prof E.J. KORHERR, Rector of the Academy of Vienna, to French Ambassador in Vienna.

“…Your French language school is incredible in its results. My French teacher of one year in New York was very impressed when I returned from one month at your school. It is because of the remarkable results that I greatly wish to return to your Institut…”

Astrid Dawne JONES, Housewife, New York City, USA

“…The Institut de Français’ methodology and intensive French course structures were very well prepared. The teachers were very skilled at making the classes constructive and enjoyable… I suggest you keep using the Institut for UNICEF officers who need to improve their French…”

Per-Olov LENNATSSON, Evaluation report to UNICEF, New York, USA

“I undertook the 4 week French course in June this year (2015) and I wanted to take the opportunity to relay my thanks to the school and ALL the teachers who made my time with you so enjoyable. I had a truly wonderful time and think I spent one of the happiest months of my life in Villefranche and learning at the institute…I think the method used was superior to anything else I have experienced…”

Dr Philip Thompson, medical consultant, UK

“…I hereby would like to express my deep appreciation for your French language course… All facilities were excellent : the high standard of all the teaching activities, the superb meals, the most interesting excursions and the accommodation provided… This was a memorable experience…”

(translated from the French)


“The Institut is very, very good. I very much liked the debates , the opportunity to use all possible sentences and expressions. My teacher was wonderful. The program and the methods are superb. As an Intermediate 4 student, I could see the progress of every student, even that of the Beginners. Our tutor-teacher was unbelievable ! Hard but a nice guy.” (translated from the French)

Edward McCauley, Vice-President (Research), University of Calgary, Canada

“…The school is of a very high standard, especially the professionalism of the teachers : all of them without exception. It’s very impressive.
I appreciated the program’s intensiveness and scope, placing the focus on the spontaneity of oral expression : the most difficult thing to teach !
My teacher was great and gave me excellent, parallel training in diplomatic language.”

Paul LEHMANN, Australian Ambassador to African countries

“…My thanks for making my month at your French language school most enjoyable. Your lessons combined with your wit and good humor made it so much more fun to learn and helped to ease the stress I felt at first…”

Sylvia S. PACHECO, World Bank, Washington D.C., USA

“…I went to a special French language school where wonderful teachers and students gather… The image of the school I have is the smiles of the people there. The teachers always point out our mistakes but when they do so, they try to make the students relax with their gestures and smiles.”

Hironori SUGIMOTO, Student in hotel management, Osaka, JAPAN

“… You have inspired me to learn this language well. As a teacher I cannot say enough about your abilities,and I believe I have seen the best teaching methods these last 4 weeks than in my life…”

Vernon MARTINS, Mining Engineer, Kenor ASA, NORWAY

“…I offer my evaluation of this French language school. 1) the instructors were outstanding… In addition to being skilled and dedicated, they are such intelligent, informed, expressive people. 2) the building, furnishings, dining service, and instructional equipment, are excellent. 3) the housing provided deserves compliments.”

Robert S. DAVIDON, Dept. of Psychology, Lebanon Valley College, Annville, USA

“… As for my teacher, I have a handful of diplomas and I was once a vice-president of the City University of New York and I tell you : her teaching is unequaled. … So my friends, thank you for your time and always all your humour. … There are wonderful moments (in life), beyond expectations. Such a moment was my time at the Institut de Français.”

Robert Huber, former chief speechwriter to Mayor Guliani, New York

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