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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with a credit card ?

We are not able to accept credits cards.

For modes of payment : http://www.institutdefrancais.com/payment.html

When can I move in ?

If you have requested a double or an individual room in a “community apartment”, the school moves you in on the first Monday of the session, not before. No exception is possible.

If you have requested a private apartment (private studio or a higher standard apartment), you may move in by yourself on the Sunday preceding the start of the session (not before). In that case, we include those details in your moving-in letter.

If I wish to arrive a few days earlier ?

If you wish to arrive 1 or 2 days earlier, we include with our enrolment confirmation letter a list of recommended hotels with rates.

We do request that you make your hotel reservation directly so as to avoid misunderstandings and because hotels always request credit card details.

Do I have to move out on weekends ?

Your apartment is at your disposal from the starting date until the last Friday of your stay, weekends included.

When do I need to vacate my lodging ?

The moving-out day is on the Friday, before noon, ending your stay. There can be no exception.. You must arrange your plane or hotel reservation accordingly.

What about my luggage ?

The school will take care of your luggage when you move out. We will pick it up during the day and bring it to the Institut so that you can attend school fully on the last day. You must be all packed before going to school in the morning.

Do I need to bring my own towels and sheets ? Is the kitchen equipped ?

All school apartments are completely furnished, with dishes, cooking utensils, refrigerator, TV, washing-machine, linen (including sheets, towels, tablecloths, etc.), an iron and ironing board, but no hair dryer. Change of linen and cleaning are done weekly.

How far are the apartments and the school from Villefranche center

All school apartments and the school are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, banks, etc.

Do you have photos / details on the apartment ?

We do not have specific photos. For typical photos and further details : http://www.institutdefrancais.com/accommodation.html

I am a vegetarian / I have a food allergy : do you cater to special diets ?

For vegetarians, we serve a common vegetarian meal (except on the first day) consisting of vegetables and varying every day as much as possible.

The school does not cater to any personal diet, except in the case of specific allergies like lactose, gluten.

Is the school closed on legal holidays ?

The school is NOT closed on legal holidays. These are normal school days.

What is the closest airport ?

Nice International Airport is the closest. It is the second largest in France and has daily connections to all major cities of Europe and the world. Nice is next to Villefranche at a 15 – 20 minute drive.

How do I get from Nice airport to Villefranche ?

A taxi (around 35 minutes, 60/65 euros) is the quickest and most convenient way. Only taxis stationed at Nice Airport are authorized to take passengers into town. Villefranche taxis are not. There is also a shuttle bus from Nice Airport to the Nice Bus Station “J.C. Bermond” where another bus can take you to Villefranche (line # 100 Nice-Menton or # 81 Nice-St Jean Cap Ferrat). The closest and first bus stop in Villefranche is “Octroi”.

How do I get from Paris to Villefranche ?

By air : see above

By train : Nice is linked to Paris by a high speed train,”TGV”, at 5 1/2 hours from the Paris train station “Gare de Lyon” to “Nice-Ville”. There, you possibly could take a train to Villefranche but the Villefranche train station is at sea level with a 20-minute uphill walk to the town center; further, taxis are not often available there. Better to take a taxi from the Nice station directly to Villefranche (fare should be 30-35 euros).

Do I need a car during my stay ?

A car is not really necessary on weekdays as all our apartments are within walking distance of the school.

However, a car is always useful on weekends and in the evenings. There are lots of places to visit on the Riviera. Villefranche is within a short drive of Nice, Cannes, Monaco or the hinterland. You may therefore choose to rent a car.

If I have a car, where do I park ?

You can park either on the apartment building’s parking lot, or along its street or on the school street.

This varies with the specific lodging but in general there is no parking problem except that space is more difficult to find in July and August.

May I have a guest in my apartment ?

The school’s “community” apartments (2 or 3 students sharing the bathroom and the kitchen) are occupied solely by the students and for their exclusive use.

In the case of our “private” studio or 2-room apartments, any occupancy by an additional nonstudent adult (spouse, companion, friend) must obtain prior authorization from the school. There will be an extra charge for this occupancy.

Is there Wi-Fi access in the apartment ? at the school ?

All apartments have free Wi-Fi access.

There is no Wi-Fi access at the school.

There are 2 internet Cafés in Villefranche.

What do I need to bring for the class : a dictionary, a book ?

Notebooks and pencils are provided when needed. Books are not needed in class as our method is audiovisual.

We do have a lending library with selected novels and plays for each class level. It is always useful to bring a good dictionary with you. Your teacher can recommend one for outside purchase. The Institut has big dictionaries, in most current languagues, available in the large living room.

Do I need a computer or Ipad for the course ?

You don’t need a laptop or an Ipad during the various activities of our program;
but either can be useful for preparing presentations, discussions or any homework.

Telephone in the apartment ?

Because of the extensive use of the cell (mobile) phone, our apartments no longer have land line telephones.

Are pets allowed ?

As of now, no pets are allowed at the Institut or in the apartments under any circumstances.

Are the apartments non smoking ? The school ?

All our apartments are non-smoking to ensure every one’s comfort. It is requested that, if needed, you smoke on the balcony or terrace or close to an open window towards the outside. No smoking is allowed inside the school buildings (it’s a French law), but it is allowed during the breaks on the balconies and outside in the garden.

Is there a dress code at the school ?

At the school, casual but proper wear is requested. Evening wear is preferred for our introductory social evening on the first Friday. Certain smart restaurants and night clubs naturally have a dress code.

Are there ATMs in Villefranche ?

There are several ATMs in Villefranche, at the banks on “Blvd Princesse Grace” and at the bank on the “Moyenne Corniche” (upward from the Institut).

Are shops open on Sunday ?

In Villefranche, most food markets are open on Sunday mornings only. Other types of shops are closed on Sunday. In Nice, many shops (including some small food markets) are open all day on Sunday.

What is your cancellation policy ?

A refund of the advance payment (less the non refundable registration fee) is possible if the cancellation is received at least 15 days before the start of the session. We can also credit your advance payment towards another session (provided there is space).

Any other info about learning French?

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