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David C., Financial Advisor, CANADA

19 December 2017

“Best school for learning French in the world.
I found this school by chance and I have had an amazing 4 weeks here learning French in an amazing setting with the most wonderful teachers who are very serious about making sure one leaves with spoken French and all the benefits of understanding the nuances that are important to survive in French.
It was tough, as no English or other languages are allowed by the students or the professors but this is the best way to learn and well worth the initial struggle to shut down your primary language.
I highly recommend the program and my teacher Cyril was a true professional as were, Julien, Sylvia, Stephan, and the teaching supervisor Frédéric (who has an amazing sense of humor!!).
This was certainly a highlight of my experiences that I have had and I have progressed my French beyond what I thought was ever possible.
Well done !
And although it may seem a bit costly, when you look at the hours spent by the teachers in preparing everything and how professional the entire institute is run, it is actually a good deal (trust me I have tried other lesser expensive schools) and this is actually value for money because you get results !”

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