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Gordana MIJUK, Head of International section, NZZ am Sonntag, SWITZERLAND

17 November 2017

“I liked the experience very much. I came to the school in order to start speaking French again as I had not spoken it since my school days 30 years ago.
I never knew how to proceed ; through television or the press seemed too hard.
Now this program has helped me a lot to start again on the road to spoken French ; I am no longer afraid to tackle it ; I understand everything better.
A whole world has opened up for me and I am ready to develop in it.
My teacher was super ! He listens intensely to his students and has a real sense of language. You feel that he has a lot of experience in linguistics, coupled with a lot of humour. So it is never tiring nor did I ever look at my watch.
On top of which my apartment and the food were very good and the view magnificent.”

Translated from the French

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