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Gretchen BRENDEL & David MANN, M.D. USA

1 September 2018

“Another wonderful experience at l’Institut de Français in lovely Villefranche-sur-mer!
I first learned about the Institut three years ago from some colleagues in Paris and I did some online research about the school. L’Institut de Français promised a French immersion experience for serious language learners who could also profit from the lovely culture of the French Riviera. I can say in all sincerity that the school more than met my high expectations.
First and foremost, the professionalism of the professors was striking. It was quite apparent that they were dedicated to teaching. The rhythm of instruction facilitated spontaneous speaking, and the classes incorporated a language lab and multimedia aids into the daily program. Classes were small and shared with fascinating people from all over the world. After four weeks at l’Institut, my French improved considerably and became significantly more fluid.
The school and grounds were beautiful. The meals were excellent and shared with our professors with whom we conversed. Only French was spoken during school hours and this became quite natural as the month progressed. The professors, the staff, and the director were so friendly and helpful! I really felt quite at home.
My husband accompanied me to l’Institut the following year, and we went again as a couple this summer. Both of us loved it and we look forward to another visit soon.”

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December 1, 2023