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Helen BERTRAM, Company Co-Director, GB

10 January, 2019

“I embarked on a two week course at the Institut de Francais in December 2018. I signed up for 2 weeks as I had no idea if all they said in their marketing and publicity would be as it seemed. What a wonderful surprise, it was way beyond my expectations and my rather rusty schoolgirl French started to come back so quickly.
I so enjoyed my brief visit, that I have already signed up to do 4 weeks in the autumn of 2019. Everything about the experience was superb – the location, the tutors, my fellow students and the attention to detail provided by the Insititut.
As a Grandmother of a certain age, it was a novelty to return to the classroom and the levels of concentration that were demanded of us, but it was all very relaxed and, as students of Frederic, we found that we were learning so much all the time. The anticipation of not speaking your Mother tongue at any time, seemed daunting on day one – but amazingly we found, even in our private social times together, we were speaking French to each other – albeit a little stilted at times. But it started to seem so natural.
What is provided by the Institut is first class and I would highly recommend the Institut to anyone considering a total immersion language course.”

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December 1, 2023