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Joanna BALZA, Nurse, Doctors Without Borders, USA

21 September 2017

Great Experience !

“I attended the Institut de Français for three 4-week sessions this past year, with the goal of being able to apply for a job that requires a working knowledge of French. I started in “beginners” and by the last session was in the “advanced” class. While I still have a lot to learn, I am so impressed by how effective the teaching method was at the school. It is an oral method, but if visual learners (myself included) can just accept the method and go with the program, they will definitely see results… Every time I changed teachers, I was disappointed because I thought there was no way my next teacher would be as good as the prior. But every teacher was consistently excellent, dedicated, and professional. I really can’t say enough about how impressed I was with the instruction…
…I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants or needs to learn French! “

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December 1, 2023