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Larry WARBASSE, Professional road racing cyclist, USA

2 January, 2019

“I heard about L’Institut quite some time before I found the time to take a course and my only regret was that I never took it sooner. I expected and hoped that in attending the school I would pick up some French after a month of classes. What I discovered, however, was that the Institut provided so much more than just a basic understanding of French. The month I spent in Villefranche was one of the most enjoyable of my life. I encountered a course full of the most interesting people, from different countries, ages, and backgrounds, all with different reasons for learning the language, but also, all equally as inexperienced with this foreign tongue as I was. That equalizer, as well as a school full of incredible teachers and personalities made for a learning environment that I cannot imagine being equaled elsewhere. After one week in the course I found myself comfortable in situations just a week before I would have stumbled through. After the month-long course, I found myself proficient in French in even a group environment. My progression baffled me, but I can only attribute it to the quality of the institute, and for that I will be forever grateful. I showed up for the French, but I left with so much more than just a new language: friends and memories that I’m sure will last for life…”

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