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Michael GALWAY, Deputy Director, Polio Program,
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Canada

24 October 2017

“It was excellent for me! Our class was varied in ages and individual aptitudes but our teacher, Peggy, handled it with much patience and skill! I like the way the program is conducted. It’s a very good mix of both culture and language. I found the other students utterly interesting.
It’s very important for my job that I can attend such a course. I studied French a long time ago. Coming here was a very good opportunity to regain my French and build up my weakened confidence. It was a unique experience for me to be able to leave my job for 4 weeks and concentrate totally on French.
Actually, there is no such program in the US and I am going to recommend it to the Foundation as I think, really, this is a very good school! We have just opened a new branch in Nigeria in West Africa, the French speaking part and many persons in my organizations will need to learn to speak French.”

Translated from the French

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