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Nicky CALIGURI, Housewife, Australia

26 April 2019

“I had heard so many postive accounts of the Institut de Français from locals, and I am happy to say that my experience exceeded them all ! Indeed they have honed in on the perfect formula for learning, rapid improvement and enjoyment. In comparison to other French courses I have tried, the focus here is on developing your ear and speaking, versus predominantly textbook study.

Staying in an apartment in Villefranche during the course allowed me to participate more easily in the numerous extra curricular activities offered by the Institut (eg. French movie nights).

The daily timetable is perfectly balanced (intense, but with ample rest periods), the instruction top-quality, the lunches delicious, and every member of the staff is truly friendly and welcoming, making you feel like you belong to the family !

My French has dramatically improved, and I now have the confidence and ability to listen, interpret, and respond in a more coherent manner. My new French friends are quite impressed ! I am so happy with my experience, that I have booked to go again in October.”

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December 1, 2023