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Peter AGHA, First Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SLOVAKIA

18 February 2018

“I was very satisfied with the course and very happy with the method.
The emphasis on spoken French was new to me. I am now less shy and have the courge to speak, thanks to the practice I’ve acquired. Your method is indeed very effective and it’s a shame that it can’t be found in other schools (but of course that is your trademark).
I was very happy with my teacher who was fantastic, « magnifique ». He does everything with such ease. It’s not like a regular school teacher coming to class with his papers and the written subject matter. He makes it look and feel like a game and the class goes along and progresses like a well-oiled mechanism.
I was sad to have to leave after 2 weeks. I must say that the first week was difficult for me. You have to adapt, get to know the teacher, the method, etc. Three weeks is really the minimum one should plan on.”

Translated from the French

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