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Sahel KASHANI, Sollicitor, GB

20 December 2017

“The best place to learn French – great teaching method in the most beautiful location !
I have studied for two months at the Institut de Francais and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who would want to speak French quickly and correctly.
On the first day of your arrival, you take a battery of 6 tests so that the school can exactely determine your linguistic capabilities and your level in French. This is very helpful as you will not need to guess/decide what level you should enroll in.
For each level, the school has a very experienced, caring, professional and fun teacher. They are all linguists with excellent teaching skills and very approachable. During your stay, you will have one dedicated teacher as well as many different sessions with the other teachers.
The school also has a couple of teachers who only plan and run “practical sessions”, where depending on your level of French, you may practice booking and ordering in a restaurant, discussing and understanding French idioms, slangs or the terms used in the French news.
The school method is very specific : it is an oral method with the aim to help you speak by end of your course and it works almost like magic! You will meet people who on the first day cannot say a word in French and by the third week they can hold a conversation and discuss many topics.
I made such great friends at the Institut that even after finishing the course, we have continued to travel together to different parts of the world.”

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August 22, 2019