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Sara PRINC, Retired Bookeeper manager, Australia

16 June 2017

“Best decision ever !

It was intense, demanding, sometimes difficult but also fun and so productive.
After studying for several years a language that I love and still not been able to have
a basic conversation, it was pretty frustrating.
Four weeks at the Institut de Francais in Villefranche, that’s what I needed.
I never thought that in only four weeks I could get so much confidence in speaking and understanding when listening to the news.
The location of the school, the facilities, the daily program of classes, the beauty of Villefranche are in itself an inspiration and a motivation.
To Stephen, my patient, persistent and so knowledgeable teacher, Julian, Bruno, Frédéric, whose sense of humor made every Séances Pratiques and easy invitation to learn, Natalie, our Cheff and her incredible staff that spoiled us with those delicious breakfast, lunch and tea delights, to Anne and all the staff at the Institut, you will always have my gratitude for all you do to make our experience, an unforgettable one.”

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December 1, 2023