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Squash Player, ranked #1 in US, USA

7 July 2018

“I had a fantastic time at the Institut de Francais and am impressed and pleased with the progress I made over the course of four weeks.
The professors at the Institut are all great. I cannot say enough good things about my professor, Edith, in particular. Energetic, passionate, patient, positive, and incredibly knowledgeable, Edith made the difficult process of learning a new language enjoyable. There was no doubt in my mind that I was receiving the highest quality instruction.
I arrived at the Institut a beginner. After four weeks I was able to have everyday conversations with locals in Nice. Learning a foreign language as an adult is not easy. But the full immersion method at the Institut is effective, albeit challenging. I plan to return to the Institut de Francais in the future.”

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December 1, 2023