In this intensive French language course, there are 8 possible levels, with 6-10 students per group (10 is a maximum which, for optimum effectiveness, should not be exceeded; under special circumstances, it may exceptionally rise to 11).

The individual student level is carefully monitored throughout the entire program so discrepency levels can be ajusted between classes.

 These eight levels are into the following:

8.30 – 9 am. Breakfast
9 – 10 am. Class
10 – 11 am. Language lab.
11 – 12 am. Class
12 – 1 pm. Discussion-lunch
1 – 2 pm. Situation session
2 – 2.30 pm. Break
2.30 – 4 pm. Class
4 – 4.45 pm. Reuse session

Coffee breaks, with tutors available, occur in morning and afternoon.


Two meals a day, wholesome and balanced, prepared with fresh products by our  top-notch Chef are served at the school during class days and are included in the course fee: breakfast and a discussion-lunch with teacher and staff participation.

At the end of each day, students and teachers gather to chat and relax with some tea or coffee. Dinner and weekend meals are not included and can be taken where desired. There are many restaurants in the area where a good meal can be had for 20-30 Euros.

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