The INSTITUT DE FRANÇAIS is dedicated to the effective teaching of the French language. Its objective and sole function is to teach French to adults quickly and effectively by using the most advanced methods and continuously innovating on techniques to bring about the best possible results in the shortest time.

All INSTITUT DE FRANÇAIS teachers have been rigorously selected to ensure the highest teaching standard, which, along the years, has become the Institut’s hallmark. They all hold various university degrees in foreign languages and linguistics.

They are all native, accentless French speakers who speak fluent English; some also speak German, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese. They have been thoroughly trained in the audio-visual teaching of French to adults, and are continuously monitored and counseled by the Institut’s teaching supervisor.

On the last day of a 4-week session regularly attended, a final examination is given leading to the Institut de Français Certificate.

In summary, in this unequalled, world-renowned setting, providing innumerable cultural and sport activities, all ingredients exist, at the Institut de Francais, to make learning French in France a rich and memorable experience.

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