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In this intensive French language course, there are 8 possible levels, with 6 -10 students per group (10 is a maximum which, for optimum effectiveness, should not be exceeded; under special circumstances, it may exceptionally rise to 11).

These eight levels are into the following:

Beginner I, II

Intermediate I – IV

Advanced I, II

Little or no knowledge of French

Some knowledge and some speaking capability in French

A fair to good speaking capability in French

The student’s level is determined on the first day by an aural and written tests as well as an individual oral test. The level can be adjusted during the session if required.

There is hardly any upper age limit: anyone can easily follow and derive full benefit from these audio-visual classes.

However, a person with a hearing impediment will have difficulty in progressing normally with the other students in a course based essentially on oral French.

The minimum acceptable age is 21.

Thus, students’ ages vary between 21 and 75 upward.

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August 22, 2019